List of books

Essential book for the courses

Book: 14 steps to the Universe, 2nd edition 2017

Proceedings of Seminars, Meetings and others

Book: 1st Bridges between Cultures: Equinoxes, light and culture 2021

Book: NASE boxes online 2020

Book: Quality in education in astronomy 2020

Book: Kaleidoscope of experiences in cultural astronomy 2018

Book: Mosaic of astronomical outlook 2016

Book: Cosmic Lights 2014

Book: Geometry of light and shadows 2014

Short book collection

Book: Hershell and the infrared 2022

Book: Videoclips of NASE 2021

Book: Observing the Parallel Earth 2020

Book: The power of Sun 2020

Book: The distances to the Stars 2020

Book: Messages in the Light of the Stars 2018

Book: Sun and Eclipses 2016