Content and modalities


NASE’s free courses have a main objective which is to promote the teaching of astronomy teachers (primary, secondary and university) and to promote active teaching/learning of the discipline through models and observation of phenomena.


Primary school teachers, secondary school teachers in any area, tertiary teachers (science teachers) and other similar core university careers, advanced teacher course students.

No previous knowledge of astronomy is necessary.

FORMAT – (All courses can be delivered face-to-face, online or hybrid)

The general course in astronomy and astrophysics comprises 4 days of classes on basic astronomical concepts and includes observations and an astronomical tour. Introduce 4 classes, 10 workshops and 3 working groups.

General course

As a shorter course offering, four new courses have been structured in a similar format with 2 lectures or panels and 4 workshops or working groups.

Astronomy course

Astrophysics course

Astrobiology course

Astroculture course

A short course is offered for teachers of very young children

A short course is offered for teachers of very young children

Kids Astronomy Course

It manages activities that can be carried out in the classroom without using special tools, but simply using devices produced by teachers with the help and support of students’ free software.

Working groups are organized for discussion and general poster sessions to show what participants are doing in astronomy. For a better understanding of the activities, see the “Work Plan: Concepts, Content and Programs” section of the same webpage.