To commemorate the International Day of Light convened by UNESCO annually, NASE proposes to all its participants and instructors to carry out a simple experience but of great educational interest.
Although the day of light is May 16, it is proposed to all participants to do it throughout the half year, from the March equinox to the September equinox. It is not limited to May 16 because, as is well known, this day falls within the rainy season in some countries. For this reason, interested teachers can be carried out with their students for half a year. We request that you send us some testimonial photos and the data in the observations obtained during the development of the experience. The table in the introductory material to read to prepare for the experience. Good luck and have a cloudless day or night to do so.

Link to the UNESCO website there all works are (the project NASE appears at the end, in “worldwide”)